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The Island

"Nestled between magnificent coral reefs protecting it's shore, crystal clear turquoise waters and swaying coconut palm trees is the most beautiful pink sand beach in the world, on the most beautiful island in the Bahamas and the Island is Eleuthera".

Population: 8,000 habitants
Size: 100 miles long, 200 square miles in total
Highest point: 168 feet
Location: LAT N25 8’ 48" LONG W76 8’ 00"

Named after the Greek word "eleutheros" meaning freedom.

Eleuthera Bahamas lies 50 miles east of Nassau, 225 miles from Fort Lauderdale and is 100 miles long and nearly a mile wide.

Eleuthera was the first permanent settlement in the Bahamas. And, even though its first settlers came to the island over 300 years ago, Eleuthera remains an undiscovered paradise. In fact, Travel and Leisure awarded Eleuthera the "Best Secret Island on Earth".

In Eleuthera, you will find a world of sunshine, and brilliant colors, pink sand beaches, and aquamarine and azure water. A place where time stands still and life is leisurely. A place where peace is a reality and not an illusion.

Our central location allows our guests the freedom to explore the Eleuthera magnificent shore line and peaceful pink sand beaches.

Quick History

Cupid’s Cay, directly adjacent to Governor’s Harbour, is actually the birthplace of the Bahamas (1648).

Over 350 years ago, a small band of English pilgrims known as the "Eleutheran Adventurers" set sail from Bermuda seeking religious freedom, warmer climates and, to establish new lands. Several weeks later they shipwrecked on the reefs near Preacher’s Cave on North Eleuthera (the uninhabited Arawak Island of Cigatoo). After several months, the Eleutheran Adventurers worked their way to Cupid’s Cay. It was here that the thankful survivors renamed the island “Eleuthera”.

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Some people think that Christopher Columbus may have come to Eleuthera before visiting islands in the West Indies.

The settlements include (north to south) the Bluff, Upper and Lower Bogue, Current, Gregory Town, Alice Town, James Cistern, Governor's Harbour, North and South Palmetto Point, Savannah Sound, Winding Bay, Tarpum Bay, Rock Sound, Greencastle, Deep Creek, Delancy Town, Waterford, Wemyss Bight, John Millars, Millar's and Bannerman Town. Airports with regularly scheduled flights are available at North Eleuthera, Governor's Harbour and Rock Sound.

The island was quite prosperous in the period from 1950 to 1980, attracting several prominent American industrialists such as Arthur Vining Davis, Henry J. Kaiser, and Juan Trippe. Frequent visitors included film stars like Robert De Niro as well as Prince Charles and a then pregnant Princess Diana.

What to do

Don’t Miss Out on These!

Bannerman Town & East Point Light House SOUTH ELEUTHERA
Don’t let the rough roads or long drive keep you away from this magnificent beach and historic Lighthouse. Lighthouse Beach makes it onto many of the world’s “Top Ten Beaches” lists, so we had to go see it. Great beach - Light House Beach.

Grab some stale bread to watch an amazing feeding frenzy.

Capt. Julius "Bubba" Rankine offers different tours: Adventure Tour, Bonefishin, Deep Sea or Reef Fishing, Snorkeling. Possibility of having lunch on the beach. Can be up to a 6 part tour. Highly recommended. Tel: 332-6524

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve
In 2010, the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve, a lush, 25-acre sanctuary, opened as Eleuthera’s first National Park. Created jointly by the Leon Levy Foundation and the Bahamas National Trust, the Preserve is home to more than 171 species of indigenous plants and has become a popular destination for local teachers and schoolchildren, as well as tourists.

Ocean View Farm – Horseback Riding
Located south of Tippy’s restaurant, Oceanview Farm offers 2 daily Trails Monday through Satyrday 9h00am to 4h00pm for up to 6 guests. $100 for 1 hour ride. Call for reservation Tel: 357-4258.

Towards Gregory Town is a sign "Hatchet Bay Cave", on the left side of the road that points to the cave. If you decide to explore this cave (a huge cavern about a mile long), be sure to take a good pair of sneakers and a flashlight for each person. This is a safe (coral and limestone) cave.

Don't Miss Out on These!

Glass Window Bridge
At Eleuthera’s narrowest point, where the Atlantic meets the middle ground of the Bahamas banks.
The Queen’s bath (Boiling Hole)
The find the Queen’s bath, you have to locate two stone walls and follow this path.
Preacher’s Cave
Because of the hidden underwater rock formation called The Devil's Backbone, the first settlers shipwrecked and took shelter in the cave.
Dunmore Town – Brilland
A charming little colonial village settled in the late 1700’s. Old capital of the Bahamas.